68° International Choral Competition Guido d’Arezzo 2020

/68° International Choral Competition Guido d’Arezzo 2020

Important Notice!

Due to the serious health situation that has affected our country and much of the world, a situation in which developments are not yet predictable, this Foundation communicates that any decision regarding the real possibility of carrying out the Competition will be taken as soon as possible, in accordance with the examination of the progress of the infection.

For the moment, registrations will remain open until the deadline set by the competition notice (April 15th next).

We would encourage you to continue in registering to our Competition with expressions of interest or intention to participate, as this will help us greatly in our planning and ensure that our International Choral Competition “Guido d’Arezzo” is a reflection of your needs and aspirations.

Choral groups wishing to register will be able to do so even without having to pay the required registration fee.

The fee can be paid later if the competition can take place regularly and in case the choir is admitted.

Our Secretariat will remain operational for any information that may be requested through the usual e-mail address: polifonico@fondazioneguidodarezzo.com

Fondazione “Guido d’Arezzo”

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