Youth Choir »Kamēr…« is the winner of the 50th Anniversary Tolosa Grand Prize

The organization is satisfied for the great success of attendance, with all the sessions in competition sold out within a few hours of putting the tickets on sale. Among the public, as well as Basques, there were people not only from all over Spain but also people who came from the Philippines, France, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, etc. In the artistic chapter, it has been a huge success with the most spectacular participation in the history of the competition. The jury ratings were very high, not only for the four choirs ranked first, but for all the others. [...]

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The 50th Tolosa Choral Contest: the schedule

Wednesday, 31 November At 19:30, in the Leidor Theatre, Opening Concert by: “Vokalna Akademija Ljubljana”, Breda Zakotnik (piano), Martina Burger (soprano), Aco Aleksander Bišćević (tenor), Tine Bec, Teja Udovic Kovacic (accordion), Urša Kržič (cello), Stojan Kuret (Conductor) Thursday, 1 November At 16:00, in the Leidor Theatre, 1st performance of the choirs participating in the 50 Tolosa Choral Contest. At 19:30, in the Leidor Theatre, 2nd performance of the choirs participating in the 50 Tolosa Choral Contest. Friday, 2 November At 19:00, in the Leidor Theatre, 3rd performance of the choirs participating in the 50 Tolosa Choral Contest. Saturday, 3 [...]

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Tolosa 2018: the 50th anniversary

In 2018 the Tolosa Choral Contest - one of the oldest choir competitions in Europe - is celebrating its 50th anniversary! To celebrate this anniversary, we would like to organize a special contest bringing together some of those choirs and artistic personalities that left an indelible memory in previous years. Tolosa 2018 full programme:

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Grand Prix of Arezzo to the University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors

The winner of the Arezzo 2018 is the University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors, conductor Edgardo L. Manguiat, from Quezon City, Philippines. Congratulations! You can find all the results here. Enter the Arezzo competition website >>

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The University of Houston Concert Chorale is the winner of BBCC 2018

The choir is the University of Houston’s premiere large choral ensemble, which consists primarily of undergraduate students. During the school year, Chorale sings 10 - 12 performances, with a repertoire from very early to recently-composed music. Chorale singers are busy making and directing music outside of the ensemble as well. Many Chorale singers are also active in the University of Houston's excellent opera program and many serve as staff singers in local church choirs. Dr. Betsy Cook Weber is Professor of Music and Director of Choral Studies. She is also active internationally as a conductor and lecturer. In 2013, [...]

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The documentary about the Florilège Vocal de Tours 

In 2017, a documentary has been filmed during the 3 days of the Florilège Vocal de Tours. The final cut is now available on YouTube. If you still don’t know what the Florilège Vocal is about, it is your chance to hear it from the organization, the choirs and the public! View it here: Enter the competition website >>

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Grand Prix de la Ville de Tours 2018: Imusicapella, Imus Cavite, Philippines

Since Imusicapella already won the Grand Prix in Varna, the choir who was second at the Grand Prix de la Ville de Tours will represent the Florilège Vocal de Tours at the European Grand Prix. This choir is Somnium Ensemble from Helsinki, Finland. You can find the complete Prize List at Enter the competition website >> Somnium Ensemble, Helsinki, FinlandPhoto: Yves Mailier

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