How to get to Maribor

Maribor airport

Maribor airport is located in Slivnica, just a few kilometres from Maribor. At the moment it does not have regular international lines, and is used only for charter flights, business and flying sports as well as cargo transport.

Jože Pučnik Airport

Most of the air traffic in Slovenia is handled by Slovenia’s international Jože Pučnik Airport, from where also flies the Slovene aircraft carrier Adria Airways ( Jože Pučnik Airport is a distance of 100 km from Maribor, which is a one and a half hour drive by car or two hours by train from Ljubljana.


Nearby international airports

Maribor’s nearest international airport is 40 km away in Graz (Austria) and Klagenfurt (Austria) – 100 km. The airport in Zagreb (Croatia) is a distance of 100 km from Maribor.

Graz Airport


Klagenfurt Airport


Zagreb Airport



You can travel to Maribor with different international trains. There are direct connections available with Zagreb (CRO), Rijeka (CRO), Graz (A), and Vienna (A). On some lines it is necessary to change trains in Ljubljana or Zidani Most. Nearby Pragersko, which has good train services with Maribor, also enables fast train connections with Budapest (H) and Venice(I).

Travel by train to Maribor from the direction:

Vienna-Graz-Maribor (Emona)

Venice Santa Lucia-Ljubljana-Maribor (EuroCity Casanova)

Zagreb-Dobova-Zidani most-Celje-Pragersko-Maribor

Budapest-Šentgotard- Graz-Maribor

Budapest- Lake Balaton – Hodoš- Murska Sobota-Ormož- Ptuj- Pragersko-Maribor


Travelling by train around Slovenia can be very comfortable. It is possible to travel along the railway tracks from Ljubljana to Maribor in a little less than two hours. Trains of varied quality and class prices links Maribor also with a number of other Slovene places.

Slovene Railways ( ) offer a variety of home and international travelling discounts.

Railway station-information:

Telphone number: +386 (0)1 29 13 332, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Maribor is connected to Zagred (CRO), Graz (A), Belgrade (YU), Amsterdam (NL) Rotterdam (NL) and most places in Germany by regular international bus lines. Otherwise Slovene towns are connected by regular bus services to Austria, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and countries of the former Republic of Yugoslavia.

Maribor has also good bus services with other Slovene towns. However, it is recommended to travel by train between most Slovene places and cities, because the railway connections are more frequent and more often than not also cheaper.

More information about international and national bus services can be found on the websites:


Maribor has good road connections with all neighbouring countries, as well as with other places in Slovenia. From Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, to Maribor you need only a good hour driving (road A1/E57), from Maribor to the Austrian border just a few minutes (road A9/E57/E59), to Zagreb (road 1/E59) less than two hours, to Hungary a little longer (about 80 km) because there is no motorway connection, and from the Italian border a two and a half hour drive separates you from Maribor.

The distance between Maribor and other European cities:

Budapest 492 km

Belgrade 507 km

Frankfurt 1050 km

Graz 68 km

Milan 622 km

Munich 493 km

Prague 595 km

Salzburg 352 km

Split 460 km

Trieste 216 km

Venice 366 km

Vienna 255 km

Zagreb 113 km

Zurich 803

Ljubljana 123 km

For detailed info about costs and route check the link below—michellin knows it all!