With regard to extension, San Sebastian Region, named as Gipuzkoa, is the smallest historic territory in the Basque autonomous Community and in Spain. Located in the Bay of Biscay, in the Atlantic axis, its 2000 square kilometers has seven rivers as their backbone, which begin to flow in the nearby mountains.

This small but intense territory, considered more as a dispersed big city than as a small province, is divided into comarcas (lands), each with its own character. Moreover, we have more than enough reasons to visit many of its localities in which will find the charm of its small villages and the historic interest of places like Tolosa.


Tolosa, founded in the 13th century, it used to be the provincial capital of Gipuzkoa. It has recently commemorated its 750th anniversary. Tolosa assumes leadership over the other twenty-seven municipalities that make up the Tolosaldea region and is equipped with the same facilities as those of a city. Located on the left bank of the Oria river, it is surrounded by mountainous terrain.