Unique international choral song competition organized in France, the Florilège Vocal de Tours welcomes every year choirs from the entire world. Small or big ensembles, mixed or equal voices, they are judged by an international jury composed by choral song personalities. The jury awards, amongst other prizes, the highest reward: le Grand Prix de la Ville de Tours.

The event held its 1st edition in 1962. It was then an international festival of choral singing with a variety of musical styles: popular songs, contemporary vocal music, symphonic music and oratorios.

It took its competition form in 1972, and was then named “Rencontres Internationales de Chant Choral”. It has become the “Florilège Vocal de Tours” in 1986. The novelty was that, beside the competition, the event included concerts by professional ensembles, offering a real Florilège of international choral singing.

The venue: Opéra de Tours: http://www.operadetours.fr/