Chœurs Lauréats Festival – Vaison la Romaine
(France, Provence)

Every year, a special partnership with the »European Grand Prix« Association for Choral Singing (Arezzo, Debrecen, Maribor, Tolosa, Tours, Varna) gives to the prize winners of these famous contests the opportunity to perform several concerts in Provence: no less than 72 top world choirs from 31 countries have been invited to the Festival in 25 years, in front of a large, receptive and motivated audience.

The origin was in 1993 when, on Mr. Jacques Delors’ (Chairman of the European Commission) request, and under Mr. Marcel Corneloup (Chairman of the International A Coeur Joie society) and Mr. Claude Haut (the Vaison-la-Romaine Mayor of the time), the »Chœurs Lauréats« Festival was created to give the main city of the Vaison area its true name of »European Choral Singing City«.

A kind reward to encourage the choirs to take part in these international competitions.