1st place

Coro da Camera di Torino, conductor Dario Tabbia


2nd place

New Dublin Voices, conductor Bernie Scherlock

The Turin Chamber Choir (Coro da camera di Torino) was founded in 2008 upon the initiative of its conductor Dario Tabbia, with the aim of creating an instrument to promote lesser-known polyphonic repertoire. It has held several concerts as part of important music festivals, including MiTo Settembre Musica and Unione Musicale of Turin, Piemonte in Musica, Musici di Santa Pelagia, Teatro Bibiena of Mantua, Festival della Via Francigena and Ruvo Coro festival, performing music ranging from the Renaissance to XX century. The choir has been invited to the Sassari, Cagliari, and Porto Torres international festivals as well as the 2011 Gala Concert organized by the Associazione Cori Piemontesi. In 2011 it has won the first prize in the monographic programme category and three special prizes at the National Choral Competition of Quartiano; in 2012 the choir has earned the first prize along with the Feniarco special prize at the National Competition of Arezzo. Some of the best Italian composers including M. Zuccante, G. Di Bianco, E. Camoletto, A. Ruo Rui, F. Dominutti, G. Bonato, have composed pieces specifically designed for the choir. It collaborates on a regular basis with the school for choral conductors “Il Respiro è già canto”, it has also taken part in stages and sung under the direction of K. Koetsveld, A. Sanna, L. Marzola and F.M. Bressan. Coro da Camera di Torino has recorded four CDs: “Voci”; “Made in Italy”, a project entirely dedicated to Italian composers from the Renaissance to present day; “Passio Domini nostri Jesu Christi”; and, in celebration of ten years of musical activity, “Dieci” an album that includes significant tracks which greatly influenced the choir’s history. In 2015 it was selected as laboratory choir for the I International Competition for young conductors organized by Europa Cantat and held in Turin, in the same year the choir has gone on tour in the Netherlands achieving resounding success both from the audience and musical critics. In 2017 the Turin chamber Choir has placed among the finalists in the Grand Prix of the prestigious International choral competition Gallus-Maribor, where it has received a special prize. In 2019 the choir has won three first prizes, two special prizes and the “Efrem Casagrande” Grand prize at the National choral competition of Vittorio Veneto. Coro da camera di Torino has been invited in 2021 by the Toscanini Foundation to open the festival of the same name performing pieces by Licinio Refice. In 2021 and 2022 it has taken part as laboratory choir at the International Competition for Choral Conductors “Fosco Corti” in Turin.



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