This year’s contest has been one of the best in recent years given the extraordinary level of each and every one of the choirs that have competed.

Indonesia again prevailed and Avip Priatna, the director of The Resonanz Children’s Choir, winner of the contest, repeated the triumph last year with the adult choir Batavia Madrigal Singers. The Indonesians got the best score in the Children’s Choir category and won the Audience Award and the Grand Prize of the 49th Tolosa Choral Contest, so they will represent Tolosa in the 30th European Grand Prix that will be held next year in Maribor (Slovenia).

The Tolosa Choral Contest has already set its sights on next year’s edition, a very special edition to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The contest will invite choirs or musical personalities that have remained in the memory of the contest.



  • Basque Government Award for the best interpretation of a Basque work: Female Chamber Choir ČarniCe (Slovenia).
  • Modality of children’s choirs: first prize for The Resonanz Children’s Choir (Indonesia), second for Saint Angela Choir (Indonesia) and third for The Girl’s Choir of The Old Town Music House (Estonia).
  • Modality of chamber choirs – polyphony: first prize for the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory Choir (Slovenia), second for Mixed Choir Maska (Latvia) and third prize for Female Chamber Choir ČarniCe (Slovenia).
  • Modality of chamber choirs – popular music: first prize for Mixed Choir Maska (Latvia), two second prizes for the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory Choir (Slovenia) and for Kvindelige Studenters Sanforening (Norway), and two third prizes for Female Chamber Choir ČarniCe (Slovenia) and Cámara XXI (Argentina).
  • Tolosa Grand Prize and nomination for the 30th European Grand Prix of Choral Singing: The Resonanz Children’s Choir (Indonesia).
  • Audience Award: The Resonanz Children’s Choir (Indonesia).


Mixed Choir Maska (Latvia), conductor Jānis Ozols


Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory Choir (Slovenia), conductor Ambrož Čopi


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